Having the day you’re going to have…

Good evening Travellers,

Obviously, this is not my  regularly scheduled program time, but here we are…let me start by saying this day did not start with any kind of awesomeness…No awesome 5am rise, no awesome morning walk with the ladies, no awesome work out and no awesome writing here with you lovely people…morning totally devoid of awesome sauce…

Here’s what happened, I was up late talking to my dearest friend about potty training, which may sound dull, but we never have dull conversations. Seriously, we covered everything from Lee Harvey Oswald to debating if in fact, you place a person’s hand in warm water do you spontaneously pee? AND would that help out the potty training method if combined with running water and there’s was one other element I can’t remember now…it’ll come to me later…but it was the perfect trifecta of potty training techniques…needless to say, not enough sleep was had and well, no 5am.

I had changed the course of the rest of my morning to help a colleague out at work, but then he texted he took care of it on his own, so my assistance was not required.

No awesomeness and nothing to show for it…but the day was productive and now I’m here…

I was thinking last night that I should mention to you one of the most awesome things about where I live. My house is right near a donut store. I don’t actually eat donuts because they make me feel seriously unwell, but the smell of donuts baking is a completely wondrous thing. Ohhh, just so delicious to the nose. Smells so good it’s almost like tasting with your nose. I think donuts are like coffee, which is also not in my wheelhouse, the SMELL, oh the just AHHHH aroma and I just like the way smell wafts thru the air, in little bursts. Have you ever noticed that, scent doesn’t arrive in a constant state it’s like little waves or poofs or just floating along into your nostrils. And when you’re outside on a warm summer night lying on your patio listening to the cicada symphony and then smell fresh donuts wafting thru the night sky. It’s a special kind of awesome that’s not gonna happen often in life I tell you..

Because I’m a weirdo, and enjoy the most random shit, one more little moment for the day. When I got home from work and got everyone settled in with their dinner I went back out to my garden because I thought I spied some low hanging little tomatoes. See, the squirrels raped and pillaged my garden on 4th of July. Their little squirrel thief hands removed several strawberries and tomatoes so now I’m watching them. The garden and the little thieves. After I propped that vine up higher I noticed this little bee. I call them Pooh bees, as in Winnie, not poop. (It’s Wednesday, we’re not talking about poop today. Today we’re learning the word AWESOME.) I call them that because I had some wooden cutouts on my wall as a kid of Pooh and bees like these. The little plump fuzzy guys. Anyways this little man was going flower to flower and it was awesome. He was burying his head into each bloom’s center, it almost looked like he wearing a hat on his face and then I could see him kinda give a little wiggle before he moved onto the next. And I would swear he was holding on with his little legs to side of the bell shaped bloom. I was mesmerized watching him bob in and out around the entire plant.

I even took a picture for posterity…



Isn’t that the most awesome thing you never knew you needed today? See this is what I’m good at in life. I find the little things and really dwell in those moments. I’m told it’s called Mindfulness but I still just call it awesomeness. And I’m pretty sure it’s a skill worth honing in this life…



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