Functional Meditation #1

Good morning Travellers,

I’d like to begin with a little explanation of what this is and what the end goal is.

Because I think it’s advisable to have some sense of direction when setting off on an adventure versus wandering in the desert for a century…

I’m a practitioner of functional movement. Functional movement is using exercise to not only strengthen the body, but to also make us more effective and less strained by everyday life tasks. The movements are multiple muscle group based, use a good deal of core action and have a practical nature that makes everyday life better.

I’m attempting to apply the idea of functionality to meditation in a similar fashion. My goal is to make it this an accessible and practical skill that will ease the stress of everyday life. Something you could use at anytime, anywhere. Standing up, sitting down, laying down, with music, without music.

Mostly, I want to help people when they are in a spiral of anxiety, stress, depression, PMS or whatever mood that’s got you in a nose dive.

Because we all have hard times or bad days.

Any feedback, thoughts or comments are welcome. Any questions appreciated, because I intend to tweek this as we go along. This is not perfected by any means…

This idea was inspired by my own experiences on my morning walks. I’ve had days where I was truly walking while crying or having an anxiety attack for various reasons. I applied a version of what I’m about to walk you thru, and it’s helped me tremendously. It helps me regain a better outlook on life. Plus, you don’t have two impatient dogs tethered to you while you are trying to stop and have few moments…


Let’s begin…



I’d like you to still yourself, wherever you are.

Come here.

If you are seated, think about sinking into your sits bones, which are in your booty. Try to sit evenly between the two sides.

If you are standing, think about your feet on the Earth. Even distribution Of your weight between your feet. If you are leaning on something, think about that contact as well.

If you are laying down, let the backside of the body grow heavier. You could even place your hands on something to steady you and feel the connection of your finger tips.

Use your mind to physically attach yourself to those points of contact.

Bring your mind here.

Feel here. Feel your body here. This is so important, take a moment.

In times of distress, the first place I like to begin is the physical sensation of here. We want to be rooted (connected) To this place and time.

When we are distressed we tend to crumple into ourselves, we slouch to curl around ourselves, protect ourselves. We are going to work to slowly open the body with the breath. The breath will help you to occupy the full body.

It’s okay here. You are safe in this moment.




Let’s begin to focus on the breath.

How are you breathing right now? Is your breath shallow, ragged or strained in some way? Try and regain control over your inhale and exhale. Take a few moments if you need to…

We want to make the breath in and out rhythmic. If you’ve never done this before, then you are creating your rhythm. Every human has their own unique resting, relaxed, rhythm.

Take a few moments and find it. Breathing in and out.

It’s there inside you…close your eyes and breath.




We’re now going to take the breathing into a greater sense of inhale and exhale. You can do this as many times as you need to, every meditation will be slightly different.

If you find the mind drifting, come back here to the words on the screen, begin again, close your eyes and breath.

We are inhaling to the top of the head/crown. Think about the inner sensation of lifting up ward, the breath moving upward. It will fill you with a lightness. The torso will gently extend upward from inside. The head will move to be right on top of the spinal column and you will hold the breath for the slightest moment before exhaling. As you exhale, feel the breath move downward to the solar plexus or even into pelvis.

Again, we are looking for a long path up and down inside the body, the sensation of movement. You may want to close your eyes and visualize this breath movement.

As you exhale, the shoulders will ease down, the neck will be long. Think about using the breath to connect to here, now and the connection to this place in your body.

Take as many breaths as you need here.

We are looking for an assured yet quiet breath. Open or closed mouth.

Use the breath to connect to the here and now.




When you are here, in this place, in this moment…open your eyes…

There is an image below…

I want you to look at the image, not as though you are looking a photo, but you are either a) here in that place now or b) it is wonderful memory that you are revisiting. As you shift your gaze here, continue the breath.

In fact, take a moment, just gaze at those words and breathe…choose a or b.


I’m going to ask you a series of questions, take a moment and consider your answers.  Allow your mind to only occupy itself with only the breath, being here and the thoughtful answers.

Are you ready?








What do you see?

Take a moment, breathing and gazing.







A sunrise? Describe it in detail. Either in your mind or out loud.

Tell me about the colors. Name all the colors you see.







Where are you watching this from, are you in the woods or the city?

Is it quiet there? Do you hear birds or the traffic? Is there a breeze?







Focus on the pleasant sensations here.

Breath, gaze and quiet your mind. Even in times of hecticness, you can make it quiet inside.






Is it warm or cool? Think about your choice, think about how the temperature makes you feel. Choose something that makes you feel good.

Tell me about the sun light. Is it bright, is it all encompassing or just seeping through the morning’s door?






Look at the clouds and how they are illuminated.

Look at the high in sky, lovely little clouds that are edged in light.

Does that make you smile? Breathe.







Study this moment. Take yourself there.


Are you breathing? Remember, gazing and breathing, here in this moment.

Do you feel calm? Peaceful?


This is a wonderful place. In the morning’s light, it is dawn…

Think and breathe in wonder.

Look again at the image and breathe.



The dawn is anew beginning, and you can begin again and again and again in this life. There is possibility in a beginning unlike all other possibilities. All our lives have possibilities each day, like each dawn.

Believe, breathe, gaze.




You have just created a new little road here. You can come back whenever you feel distressed, anxious, or sad. Inside you, you are learning to live in better thoughts.

Gaze, feel, be here, breathe.




When you are done, close this post, but remember the tranquil breath, the power of here and the beauty of our world. And the possibilities of your life.

I hope to see you again soon!!


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