The last walk…

The weekend is here Travellers,

I hate to say it but, we are at the end of our morning walks as the light is arriving a few minutes later each day and the temperature is slowly drifting towards a frost.

It’s time to break out the cardigans and the hoodies.

I’d like to just take a moment this morning to stop and consider the sheer genius of the seasons. The intricacies of their progression. The way they nurture one another. The way Spring gives it’s rain to Summer for green green everything. Summer warms the Earth and nurtures everything it touches, fortifying it for Fall. Fall slows down the speed of life to ease into Winter. Winter then stores all it’s energy in a sort of restful sleep, then the world goes quiet, only to erupt in a crescendo that we call Spring.

It’s rather brilliant, isn’t it? The seamless way time and energy are exchanged between the four seasons. I believe it’s the mirror of life itself. And it feels like the waltz that all of creation is meant to dance to…

Just watch outside your window as the world begins to change…

For me, it’s not the cold or the snow, or the ice that makes me truly un-fond of Winter. It’s the darkness. The darkness that the outside world needs for its slumber. I count the days to the Winter Solstice, which is December 21st this year. That is the shortest day and the longest night. It’s the bottom of the well. Everyday after that, I remind myself we are traveling back into the light. Back to morning walks, green gardens and sunshine.

Our last walk was Thursday morning and it was a really diverting kind of journey. The sky was on fire when we first departed. So many vibrant colors. It looked just as unreal walking under it as it does in the images below. Within 10 minutes, the thick gray clouds concealed any prior evidence of such an occurrence. Timing really is everything some days.


The remainder of our jaunt was under a canopy thick dense grays until the very last turn before we headed homeward.  Then there was this…


I loved the way the sun was peaking thru the layers of the cloud bank, obscuring itself in the tree line… reminded me of a child playing hide and seek. The part where we all tried to cheat through heavy, half lidded eyes, to see where the person was going…after this brief glimpse, the sun successfully hid itself away for the rest of the day.

I love that image. Not because it’s the greatest photo I ever took, but because it’s very representative of something we should all remember: just because we can’t see the sun, doesn’t mean it isn’t out there shining down on us. Keeping us warm. Because it is. I find myself replaying that thought during the coming seasons. Knowing that no matter how craptastic life may seem, the sun and moon, they both never leave us.

And I remind myself, we are traveling back into the light. I think we are always traveling back into the light.

I just want to leave it there today. Something simple, maybe not profound. Life doesn’t always have to be profound does it?

You should give this a listen . I always think of that song at this time of year and find it so very comforting…



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