It’s Mopsy Day!!

Good morning Travellers,

It doesn’t really seem like a morning anymore without a walk. It’s amazing how quickly you can create a small change in life that mean so much. Walking in the early evening just doesn’t have the same effect…I want it to be Spring again just so the light shifts back for early morning walks…we haven’t even breached Winter yet, and I’m already wanting to jump to the next season, typical human yearnings, am I right?

My calendar says today is Mopsy Day!!

In case you don’t know, that pussy cat in the mast head is Mopsy. She was my guest pussy on and off for about a year and half. She was family found waiting at the front door. That’s what the image above actually is, her waiting at front door before I ever let her inside the house. She was the first cat to ever wedge her way into my heart, because I’ve always been more of a dog person. Now I’m just a dog person who has two cats as well…

I have this little notion about turning the days of my furry companions departure from this realm into a holiday of sorts. I like to see it as a practice of gratitude versus sorrow. A day where you say their name out loud, to give life to their memory. A day to pause and be so grateful that you ever found each other in this big world.

Because I think the souls that we meet and embrace in this life never truly leave us. As long as we are alive, they are the energy of their memories stored inside us. The love we had for them and their reciprocal affection remains with us long after their body goes cold. Obviously, this applies to humans as well.

And someday if we are lucky, someone will feel this way about us. We will live on inside of them…


When I read my earliest posts on this blog, they seem whimsical and almost silly to me, but I’m not about to remove them, because she’s there. Mopsy is there. As long as I write here, a piece of her lives for me. And the spirit of who she was…

Mopsy was a brave soul. She was resourceful and resilient. Despite having been treated rather harshly in life, she was quite gentle but adventurous. She was one smart pussy, who I like to believe is still out there in the world somewhere. She was more than capable of taking care of herself so I’m pretty sure she found another bed to sleep on at night.

I feel like the animals in our lives are here to teach us how to be better humans. She is a lesson I’ve just begun to really learn. Animals show us what loyalty, kindness, resilience and acceptance truly mean. And I think it’s all the wild life here on Earth that is showing us how to be a better version of ourselves, not just days and dogs. We just need to listen.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the pussy behind around the way pussy,  I wrote this post about her vanishing, this one when she reappeared and lastly, this post when she finally left. Or just go back to start of the blog and see where it all began…



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