V.A.C. #3- Nobody like a Dirty Belly Button

Happy Wednesday Travellers,

Behind today’s little virtual advent door would be a tiny little drawing of you in a bath wearing gloves…A bit odd I realize, but allow me to explain…

One of things I think is really important when you find yourself in a stressful period of life is self care. Simple acts of self care help lift our spirits versus neglecting your body when you already are down in the holiday dumps will only make matters worse. And showing yourself some love I think tends to help with whatever unpleasant feelings have arrived at your door this holiday season. Because no matter the thoughts and emotions you may be experiencing, they are just guests in the house of your soul. Whereas, your body is your forever vehicle in this life.

In my 20s, I was a manager for Bath and Body Works for a few years. The version of the company at that time was a fresh farm stand and the products were closer to what we now call organic than their current iteration. It was working there where I began developing my own habits of exfoliating and moisturizing on a daily basis. Because your skin is in fact the largest organ on the human body, and it needs routine care. Just like everything else in this life. I began using bar soaps instead of shower gels because they seemed to have fewer chemicals in them AND bar soap really lathered up with my shower gloves.

I know, you’re thinking WTF are shower gloves, right? They are a not well known secret to exfoliating your skin. In case you don’t know, exfoliation means to buff the skin. Every day you are literally shedding skin cells all over. Everywhere you go, you leave pieces of you behind. Exfoliation helps remove those cells and then some. Also, it makes the skin more readily accepting of moisturizers as well.  And exfoliation is good for circulation as it draws the blood up thru the layers of epidermis. Better circulation helps with the cellulite, not makes it disappear, just helps and improves overall skin health. I would say it makes the skin more youthful because of a reduction in the appearance of dryness.

If you are someone with those little red bumps on your upper arms, using shower gloves in combination with a good moisturizing regimen can get rid of those as well. Also, weekly usage, I like 2-3 times, reduces dry elbows, dry knees, dry shins, dry everything AND dirty belly buttons. Because if you are an athlete like me, sweat and dirt makes a dirty belly button…TRUE STORY. And no one likes a dirty belly button!

If you are currently shaking your head in disbelief, let me tell you, people would line up when we demoed these in our store. Obviously, we weren’t all naked in a shower together, but rather had a little cart with a  bowl filled with soap and water. We just did a quick how-to on their hand. I’d say 90% bought a pair and many of those people retuned later on to buy more….and I always felt good knowing that I had sold something truly helpful to those people.

Of course you’re needing to know, where do I find these wonder mittens…I found THESE on Amazon, just for the sheer ease of accessibility. My favorite are THESE however and I find them at Natural Grocers, my local Co-Op and Sprouts. The reason I like the Bass Body Care version is the gloves are thick, of good quality and very reasonably priced. There is no reason for you to pay more than $6 for a good pair. I’ve seen other brands for sale in many places, just look for something with a good thick weave, many brands are on the thin side and they won’t last very long. The Bass brand can usually take six months of regular usage. Remember to hang them somewhere to dry between uses as well.

Like I said, I like to use these 2-3 times a week in the winter. Probably don’t use them everyday, because nothing in excess works out well. Yes, it’s abit odd at first being totally naked and wearing gloves in the shower, but you’ll get over it. Maybe even laugh about it. I’d recommend using bar soap versus shower gel and lather them up on your hands and then just go to town exfoliating. The sensation they create on your skin is just divine.

If nothing else, it will be a great adventure for you to tell everyone about and trying new things is good for the soul…and remember to moisturize afterwards with a good lotion. Very important.

Take care of yourself Travellers, you are worth it!!

AND I think THIS Christmas song will work well for scrubbing in the shower…

If you have any questions or comments, they are all welcome below or you can reach me at acpoe17@gmail.com, thanks for stopping by!


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