A little bit about me…   Hi, I’m Amy. Human side kick to 2 cats, Faline Dion & Charlie and 2 dogs, Ramona & Lou. I’m one of those unabashedly healthy athletic people who drive other people crazy with that stuff. At one time I was a yoga teacher & I’m currently working on my CPT through NASM to find a way to turn my love for movement into a professional endeavor. Like you, I am a human in progress.

Music, books, literature, and film have all been a big part of my life. I was an English major, and have a life long history/love story with music. Also, I went to film school program to study music video direction. Right now, I run a business that has nothing to do with any of those things, but I get to help people everyday in a way that I think can make a difference.

I’m also a big fan of gardens, avocados, burning candles, sunrises, sunsets and the moon and the stars and most of life here on this planet called Earth. Most days.

Why am I addressing you as a Traveller?   Because dear friend, we are all Travellers in this life. We journey inward and outward together and apart. I like to think of the whole of humanity as a large tapestry and each of us is a thread of that whole. Through out our lives, we intersect, run parallel and overlap each other. When we work together, we make beautiful intricate designs. No two threads the same, some never to meet at all. All of us in motion and traveling somewhere.

A little bit about the title…Spelunk the soul, what is that all about, right? Spelunking is another word for caving, which is the exploration of caves. I’ve always felt we have a sort of metaphorical cave inside us where we hide ourselves and lose ourselves.  I’ve always imagined the soul of human was similar to a gaseous helix that coiled around our core, right around the thoracic spine area and solar plexus. I know that’s pretty specific, but that’s where I’ve always felt a soul would live, if you believe in such a  thing. I believe we are beings of energy and that energy is shared with this planet and everyone around us. This place, this blog,  is where I climb around in my own soul, especially in the darker regions because I think we avoid as humans, when in truth it’s how we grow. AND try to offer up thoughts and ideas to help you with your own adventure known as life. This is my story and I hope you write yours somewhere too.

A little about the music… Please see the page titled, “The Score” under this same tab. It is my sincerest hope that you will listen to the song in each post that I have linked from YouTube as you read. I know it’s not ideal, so you may need two devices. Most humans seem to have three, so I’m pretty sure that’s doable. I suggest viewing on a lap top or IPad and listening to the link on the phone or vice verse.

A little bit about the beginning of my blog…this blog was originally called “Around the way Pussy” in honor of my guest cat, Mopsy.  Mopsy first showed up at my neighbors in early summer (2016). She started saying hello to me in early fall, and then kept trying to come inside during the winter. When our interaction began, I had no real experience with cats. The cat we had when I was a child wasn’t mine, and well, I was a kid. What began as an act of compassion turned into regular daily visits. And she became family. The owner was aware their cat was traveling about the neighborhood. And continued leaving her out in all seasons. Their rather cruel choice became my good fortune.  I am grateful for their decision because I would never have met her otherwise. She was one of the bravest, curious and most resilient souls I’ve ever met. Rarely a day passes that I don’t think of her, miss her and send hope out that she is somehow alive and well in the world. As of 2018, Mopsy left thru a series of events that are detailed in older posts.

A little bit about the purpose… Currently this is the fifth iteration of this blog. My current modus operandi is most days I write for one hour, I do very minimal editing and then I publish. As raw as I can write it. I feel like much of human communication is largely lacking in real depth or honesty, we always edit and filter life. Life doesn’t need a filter. Life can be really uncomfortable and I don’t think we should hide that, I think we should use it as a tool to create change. No matter how hard it is.  I plan to talk about all the things including movement and healthy stuff. My hope and deepest intention is to create a small pocket in the internet and fill it with provocative mindfulness and joy where I can find it. Lastly,  I believe we really learn what it means to be human in the presence of dogs/cats/creatures and each other. And everyone has a story to tell, and something we can learn by listening.

A little bit about contacting me… I am not on Facebook or Twitter in any capacity. I like to limit my interaction with social media. I am on Instagram, because I love photography, not selfies really but the photography. I also have an email account. Let me add this one disclaimer: I have a very strict DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS POLICY. Constructive conversations are well, constructive, which would be the opposite of tearing something down. I’m always willing to engage with people who are of different view points but not if you are brandishing words like a weapon.

Instagram~ Soul_spelunking_we_go       Email~ acpoe17@gmail.com

You can always leave comments attached to the post as well. I am not a commenter myself, more of a silent reader type but whichever way, I appreciate you taking time out of your life to read my blog!

IMPORANT…    The entire contents of this site are protected by copyright. Please do not use anything without my permission. Please ask first not later. Thank you!!

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