Can you tell me how to get to Normal Street?

Bonsoir Travellers,

I went to work today. Normally that’s not of any particular interest, but when you’re practicing the whole “Stay-Home, 6-feet-apart-Distancing-Dance” it feels oddly noteworthy, doesn’t it?

I’ve been thinking today about what “normal” is in terms of our daily lives and how or when we come to accept a new version of “normal”. Or even how many times in your life can you adapt to a different kind of “normal”…

I’m just gonna rift off some thoughts again so here we go…

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Are you curious?

Good evening Travellers,

Earlier this morning, I gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby post. I saw it, held it, heard it and then published it. And then POOF, gone. ALL. GONE.

ALL MY WORDS GONE. All 1500 of them. There is no word to describe how that felt.

Imagine going thru the delivery of your baby, you see your baby, hold it and then, well, NO BABY. In fact, said baby went back into my proverbial belly, or rather mind in this case, awaiting future possible re-delivery. I guess at least I didn’t have to have an episiotomy, am I right?

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In Medias Res…

Happy Saturday Travellers,

This is the last sunny day we’re going to have here for awhile so I broke my morning routine and walked to ladies. Saturday’s are usually our day off from walking. By the time our paws hit the pavement, the sun was already out and the sky is clear, so nothing spectacular to gaze at above. The loveliest moment  was the way the dew on the grass shimmered in the sunlight like a thousand little jewels. There’s always something out there to see, that’s a promise I could make without hesitation.

I’ve been having trouble writing lately and I think it’s because I’m been agitated and ineffective in curtailing all my thoughts or just getting a grip. Too much crying, thoughts of dying, too many I don’t want to’s or should have’s or how am I going to’s are not lending themselves to writing. Those thoughts are crowding out or smothering my muse…

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