“F” is for Flamingos and Fear

Good Monday morning Travellers,

This Monday finds me abit weary in the world, how about you? My business is being audited, which actually isn’t as nerve wracking for me as it seems to be for other people. I tend to believe if you run an honest business, auditing is just a formality which at it’s worst finds minor errors that can be corrected.

If only I handled the rest of my life with such rational ease…

BUT it’s Monday and we are here for a reprieve of typical Monday feelings, are we not? We are here to stretch our imaginations which is pleasurable endeavor is it not? And if this is your first Monday here, please refer to the post “A” is for Alien to fully grasp what’s going on…or any of the other letter posts…

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Do you YEARN?

Ciao Travellers!!

We could also call this one, “What’s your dream?”…have you seen the movie “Pretty Woman” because there’s a man Paul Revere-ing across the street, this whole “What’s your dream..” spiel that has stayed with me since my youth when I first saw that movie. (Towards the end of the clip above…) Obviously, Rom-coms are not life, this movie in particular is quite elastic when it comes to reality, but something I’ve been wrestling with lately somehow keeps gettting tied together in my brain with this movie.

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Lost on the highway

Hello Travellers,

Oh, it’s late and I haven’t been here in awhile. That’s actually not true, I have been here on and off, stopping and starting various ideas, but leaving nothing. I struggle with recording here where my life has been since late October, but tonight I feel compelled to leave something behind…I’m not editing this, so pardon my lack of eloquence.

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