the Show after the Tell

Hello again,

As promised, here are some of the images to go with last night’s words…

My strawberry photos are intentionally absent. As I was watering them this morning, I realized they should have their own little virtual installation. Because they are a sight right now, life sprouting and blossoming while Fall is underway slowly slipping nature towards it’s winter slumber.

For tonight, let me show you the rest…

Starting with a few yums…this is the aforementioned cherry, mango apple eat it with your fingers, they’ll be stained and you’ll love every second of it combination I discovered this summer…
Look at what my blueberry bush made!! They tasted so good, nothing like their store bought cousins…and yes, I only got one handful, but it was enough…
Peaches with milk and a teaspoon of raw sugar…with their skins on, I’ve recently acquired that particular taste, have you tried that as well?
Look how beautiful these are, this is the inside of a yellow zucchini and I mixed them with other veggies and have learned this next photo is something that fills me up and makes me feel good, maybe give it a try…
Dos huevos and summer veg…sure to brighten any night or day…anything that looks this beautiful can’t be bad for you, that’s all I’m saying

How about these fine gentlemen…

Dave Grohl survived Nirvana to become a rock legend. And his daughter is singing on stage with him…which made me wonder, when did we all became grown ups?
Hoards of hitchhiking sunflowers…photo taken as I was driving about 78 mph…
Just look at that peach of a sunset, one of many…yes, still driving and taking photos…

And of course there was yoga and movement and sweatiness all summer long…I love this frame, it makes me feel like the witch I’d be with my familiar Faline…

AND cat tails..which just randomly grew on our walking trail this year…side note, those things split open just like dandelions and release some kind of fluffiness…nature is weird and always surprising, isn’t it?

That’s 10 ordinary extraordinarily good things. And so many more stored in my memories of this summer. I hope you find similar things that bring a smile to your face if for only a moment. Just genuine lovely things that are still here with us.

Be on the look out for the strawberry gallery and more words.

I’ll be seeing you soon!!


Buenas Noches Travellers,

AHHHHH, Sunday night….

I have to say I enjoy the Spanish words for “Good Evening” more than any other language. For some reason, those words feel so sublime and exude a sort of warmth.. A simmering or smoldering feeling… like the best summer nights we are all waiting for…doesn’t that very thought make you smile…

Let’s talk about rest.

Or resting.

Say it out loud a few times. Because reading a word and saying it feels differently.

It sounds like a reclining word, doesn’t it? Or like it’s eyes are gently closed with a soothing sigh on it’s face.

Relaxing, restoring, rejuvenating. Resting.

I tend to think of rest requiring some kind of lesser noisiness as well. We don’t want to disturb it now, do we?

I think it needs a kind of internal stillness. Except for your ever beating heart. Have you considered recently how very relentless your heart is?

I could safely say that my modus operandi in this life is “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.

All GO, Almost All the time. Though I have learned to sleep in the past 5 years.

The phrase “Pace yourself” has always failed my understanding. I can pace myself in the fast lane, but slowing down outside of my sleep hygiene ritual is hard for me to take. I can sit in the silence of my home for an hour or two. I can bask in a sunrise or sunset or the sun shining into my home. I can sit with my cats and dogs and give them their due appreciation. I can savor my food, music, good books, an hour of tv, for a short duration. I can enjoy my garden. I feel I have a solid daily appreciation of the sensual beauty of this life. But I wouldn’t call it rest.

And it has recently come to my attention that I should take a rest sometimes.

I hadn’t taken a day off from working out in so long I can’t remember. Last summer I started working out hard everyday and never stopped…if I was my client, I would have a lecture for that…your body needs to recuperate and recover. It needs rest outside of sleep.

I am honestly terrible at resting. I feel guilty for it and I’m not sure where that is coming from.

Do you allow yourself to rest? OR is this just my problem?

Since I’m all about embracing uncomfortable things, I decided to not work out on this past Friday and yesterday…of course I went back to it today. I also slept in late this weekend and didn’t do as much as I usually do. I’m not sure if that’s actually what “rest” is, but I’m working on it.

I’m working on resting.

The Machinations of Meditation

Hola Travellers,

It’s Friday and I feel so obligated to share something with you from our morning walk…I’ve never seen anything quite like this and I was barely off the front lawn to take the photo…


It’s like a weird wall of light. I find it rather spectacular. Look at that line of sunshine. So fabulously weird, isn’t it? This planet is awesome, isn’t it?

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All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Movement, #2

Welcome to the weekend Travellers,

If you thought I forgot this thread I started to spin a week ago, I did not in fact, there were just other thoughts that arrived before this one fully formed itself. Others ideas and feelings that needed to get out of me. I find some ideas and thoughts are bossier than others in my mind if you know what I mean. Such is the nature of the muse…

I’m going to limit this to a top 15 kind of situation, because I’m sure I could go on for eons about all the things we learn from moving our bodies and how they inform our daily lives, but there would many repetitive intersections and I like to keep things fresh. Fresh ideas, fresh produce. And by the way, if I failed to say this before, these are not in order of importance. I think they are all important, it’s again whoever gets to the front of my mental line gets to be heard first.

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All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Movement, #1

Good morning Travellers,

It’s been storming here all night and the ground is soaked as are my shoes I left outside with the dog harnesses. Obviously, no 5am walk was had. It amazes me how smelly those things can get from everyday use, so I’ve been leaving them out to dry in the sun each day.

Speaking of stinky, yesterday as we were walking thru the neighborhood, every other block or so smelled like skunk. (I meant to tell you this yesterday, but I forgot..) I think skunks are the cutest little creatures and it seemed this one had rather boozily been spraying it’s scent. I sometimes wonder with a creature like that, do they ever just spray it for fun, like was he just running down the street letting his stink flag fly? That sort of created an amusing scene in my mind that I giggled at while we were walking…

SO I have a new idea or rather an old idea that I’m thinking is worth a little deeper dive…

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