You can’t handle the truth

How’s your Sundaze going Travellers?

I’m working on my cowgirl up today…I’ve been thinking about my version of reality a lot this morning. I may have some delusions about how life works. And I think it’s contributing to my distress. Call it trying to be reasonable with myself.

Lately, I’ve felt abit like a mob victim in a movie. The one who stumbled backwards in the confrontation scene into the hole in the ground that becomes my wet cemented tomb. Because in the movies there is always a convenient pour truck nearby isn’t there…

Yes, you’re welcome, I have a flair for drama. Love the dramatic traumatic cinematic analogies. But you do know what I mean? Everyone has those times in life where reality comes flooding in, crushing you, smothering you? No? No?

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Lost on the highway

Hello Travellers,

Oh, it’s late and I haven’t been here in awhile. That’s actually not true, I have been here on and off, stopping and starting various ideas, but leaving nothing. I struggle with recording here where my life has been since late October, but tonight I feel compelled to leave something behind…I’m not editing this, so pardon my lack of eloquence.

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