Moving right along

It’s Friday afternoon Travellers,

How are you feeling today? I sometimes think we are all so busy here on Earth that we don’t REALLY take time each day to REALLY feel how we feel. Like all the parts, the mind, the body, not just the emotions. Do you know what I mean? SO, How’s that going AND if all is not well, are you going to do something about it?

I believe the human body is the greatest machine ever built. However you think we came to be, the bodies that we each occupy remain one of the most intricate, astounding means of conveyance on Earth.

Yes, I am serious.

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Therapy isn’t a dirty word

Hello Travellers,

Today is therapy day for me. I’ve been going now since November of last year with a well paced regularity. I would say it has changed my life and helped me save my life. And the best part I’m discovering is it’s evolutionary in nature, meaning where I began I am no longer, now I am somewhere new and I know there are miles to go. Miles that I am ready to travel now. Something that’s a really big deal for me is that I have no idea what the future holds and I AM OK WITH THAT.

Let’s be honest though, not all my therapy experiences have been like this, and because I’m here to have an honest conversation, I think I have to tell all the stories.

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Do you YEARN?

Ciao Travellers!!

We could also call this one, “What’s your dream?”…have you seen the movie “Pretty Woman” because there’s a man Paul Revere-ing across the street, this whole “What’s your dream..” spiel that has stayed with me since my youth when I first saw that movie. (Towards the end of the clip above…) Obviously, Rom-coms are not life, this movie in particular is quite elastic when it comes to reality, but something I’ve been wrestling with lately somehow keeps gettting tied together in my brain with this movie.

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And my fear(s) called shotgun…

Good evening Travellers,

It’s been a hella long time, hasn’t it?

I rather boldly declared my modus operandi last post and then, POOF!

Where’d I go? Down the rabbit hole?

Truthfully, I spent some time and not wisely per say, more like the way we spend pocket change. Necessary, trickling, but nothing substantial to show for it. You know what I’m talking about…

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