A solar year later…

Good evening Travellers,

I have officially lapped the one year mark since my ex left our home AND on last Friday, it was one year from our divorce. One solo trip around the sun. Somewhat hard to believe, but true.

And where I began is definitely not where I am now, so that’s progress. Maybe not the kind of progress I rather ambitiously hoped to have, because I think we all want to excel after we crash and burn. We wanna get back up at a racing pace when the truth is we were knocked on our ass and are completely dazed and out of breath. I wanted greatness while everyone in my life said, all you have to do in the first year is survive.

Well, I have survived.

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How do I get to the house with the giant clock…

Over half way thru this week Travellers,

Last night, as Faline and I were relaxing in the moonlight on the warm patio, there was a steady stream of butterflies bobbing about in the night sky. They must be migrating or something because I’ve never seen so many. It was a pretty full sky with them and the lightening bugs and whatever else is flitting about this time of year…almost like some kind of airborne tarmac…

Earlier in the day, I drove myself to therapy, which is about 25 minutes from where I live, it’s a hop, skip and a jump on the highway. And if I’m paying attention on this drive I get to catch a glimpse of this house. It’s this mesmerizing old house that sits off to the right of the highway. It’s appears about half way through the trip.

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