Our Symbiotic Sun

Dearest Travellers,

Wednesday is here, and I have prepared a feast for your weary eyes and ragged soul. I actually took my phone this morning on our walk, and what started as a mere blushing sky gave way to a peach of a sun..but before we go there, a few thoughts if you don’t mind…

I think seeing the sunrise each day is a cure of sorts. You can feel like your life is over or worthless or super shitty, just whatever ails your deeper well, and then there is this miraculous event waiting for us. I know that sounds so syrupy sweet, but the more sunrises I experience the more I believe it’s true. In all of it’s tiny graces, this planet is a gift, no matter it’s maker, and I urge you to find that out before you leave it.

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Here we are Travellers,

5am, and I’m up and walking with the ladies. Ladies being my dogs. I took my phone just so I could document this momentous occasion. I remember when I was in Mexico last and every morning somehow my body woke up just as the sun was rising. I sat on the balcony of our room and watched each day completely mesmerized. Granted that was Cabo San Lucas, and it was on the ocean, so abit more of a scene chewer than Kansas. However, since that trip, especially in the past year I’ve become quite taken with the sunrise, the sunset and the moon.

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